Kiwanis Club of Brunswick, Ohio
About Us

A Special Message to our Friends and Neighbors


The Kiwanis Club of Brunswick is small (about 12 members) when compared to some of the other clubs in our Division. However, we are growing in the number of projects we have pursued. While new members are always welcome, several years ago we began asking non-members to volunteer their time and talents with some of the projects they had an interest in. This has allowed us to take on more opportunities to meet our mission. Our decision to allow others to give of themselves was enforced by a letter we received from Capital University. It stated in part, “Last year Americans donated more than $100 billion dollars to charitable organizations ranging from religious organizations and their affiliates to emergency funds like Hurricane Relief Funds to local institutions like universities and hospitals.  In fact, more that 84 million Americans devoted their time and talent to other important causes – hours valued at more than $239 billion. These totals are impressive, but behind the numbers are stories of giving and caring. Within these tales of grace and opportunity exist the true essence of American hope and a sense of obligation to make a difference in the world.”


This year we are continuing to offer our friends and neighbors the opportunities to devote their time and talents to helping us with our goal of changing the world one child and one community at a time. Look at our list of projects and if one or more interest you and you can give us a few hours of your time contact David Seitz;

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